Facilitating Teacher Effectiveness

Tools & Resources 

Designed to offer support that facilitates language teachers’ professional growth, teachers can self-assess, peer-assess or work with administrators to identify their level of effectiveness and set and monitor goals for professional growth.


Part of the strength of the TELL Project is its built-in ability for teachers to self-determine how well they currently meet the criteria defined in the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning Framework, relative to the growth they would like to make. To assist teachers in this aspect of reflective practice, TELL makes available the several self-assessment tools.


Feedback Tools

Since the TELL Project and its components stem from a desire to help teachers grow, providing and receiving feedback on classroom practice can be an extremely valuable component to teacher growth. To that end, several feedback tools have been developed to support teachers in a variety of settings.

Feedback Forms

Further Reading

A collection of research and scholarly writings has been developed as a tool that can help teachers find resources to better understand the TELL criteria and to facilitate their professional growth. Administrators and language educators may also find it useful to guide the investment of resources for professional learning.

Further Reading
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Correlation to Other Frameworks

The TELL Project identifies characteristics of effective teachers in the context of a language learning environment. In order to provide educators accustomed to dealing with other teacher effectiveness frameworks the ability to make connections to a language learning environment, the TELL Project has correlated well-known teacher effectiveness frameworks currently in use in the field to its own framework.