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How the TELL Project is making a difference

Implementation scenarios for the TELL Framework and the TELL Tools & Resources vary depending on the professional learning environment. There is no one blueprint for using  the TELL Project. However, the case studies below illustrate how other organizations have successfully implemented the tools and resources provided by the TELL Project. Case studies are provided to inspire and inform thinking about implementation.

Virginia Beach City Public Schools

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Since the inception of TELL,  Virginia Beach City Public Schools have been using the framework and related documents to coach world language teachers in a large K-12 public school district. With teachers ranging from new graduates to seasoned veterans, the TELL Project provides the needed tools which allow the district supervisor to guide teachers from their starting point to where they wish to be in terms of their own professional practice. The resources from the TELL Project are used as coaching tools to engage in collaborative, respectful conversations about what works best for students and leads to gains in language proficiency. Read more

Virginia Beach City Public Schools (2)

In order to provide program evaluation of an S-FLEP grant from the Department of Defense, the Virginia Beach City Public Schools turned to the TELL Project for tools and resources that would enable the district to meet its grant requirements. One of the external evaluators assigned to the grant was tasked with observing the S-FLEP teacher in the classroom and determining whether the training provided resulted in instructional improvements and student growth. Since the external evaluator did not have much experience in world language pedagogy, TELL tools and resources allowed the evaluator to familiarize herself …  Read more

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Are you using some of the tools and resources from the TELL Project? Has the TELL Framework made an impact in your own teaching or the teaching of others? Have you developed a project that is aligned to or inspired by the TELL Project? We want to hear from you and share how your implementation scenario could inspire others. Contact us!