About the TELL Project

The Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Project, an initiative of AdvanceLearning, is a collection of products and processes that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of world language teachers. TELL, which emanates from an understanding that student achievement is influenced more by an effective teacher than any other factor, attempts to synthesize work from the general education arena regarding those things that effective teachers do and make that information specific to the work of language teachers. The heart of the TELL Project is the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning Framework, which is supported by a variety of tools and resources.


The foundational piece of the TELL Project is the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning Framework, which establishes those characteristics and behaviors that model teachers exhibit. The Framework is made up of seven domains that reflect the crucial characteristics of an effective world language teacher. Each domain is guided by an essential question educators might ask themselves in their own growth process.

Tools & Resources

The TELL Project is designed to offer support that facilitates language teachers’ professional growth. Teachers can self-assess, peer-assess, or work with administrators to identify their level of effectiveness and set and monitor goals for professional growth.  In addition, a set of correlations to the most widely used teacher effectiveness frameworks written for general and/or foreign language education is provided.  Users will also find suggested sources for further reading related to a number of its criteria, along with implementation scenarios that give examples of the many ways the Project can be used.


Through a variety of in-person and online events, the TELL Project hopes to connect educators so that they can begin to facilitate the professional growth of themselves and others and develop behaviors that model world language teacher exhibit.